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Fitness Gym at Triple Crown Athletic


Welcome to Triple Crown Athletic LLC—your elite fitness haven and an extension of the renowned Triple Crown CrossFit. Founded by fitness enthusiasts Damian Tanenbaum, Dustin Winterhalt, and Nicholas Tanenbaum, we’re your ultimate playground for diverse training options. Dive into CrossFit, master Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, or get your heart pumping with Cardio Striking and Kickboxing. We also offer unique programs like SWEAT, Kettlebell, and more.

Here's what they say about our gym

The owner helped 14 little boys be able to compete in their soccer season. Very kind!!! Thank you so much.

Ronald Isaacs From Google Reviews

The fine owners of this establishment donated use of their gym so that a bunch of kiddos could have soccer practice out of the rain. Y'all are great neighbors and members of our community. Thank you so much!

Mindy Sparks From Google Reviews

Incredible people. Amazing coaches. Fun for the whole family! Definitely check this gym out.

Brandon Padilla From Google Reviews

Great place to train! Great people!

Sam Buhlig From Google Reviews

Great atmosphere and people

Brennan Bishop From Google Reviews

Love this gym...this is my fav place ever. Best people around!!!

The Vories Team From Google Reviews
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